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Getting Started

What next? 

The best way to know if our dojo is right for you is to come in and get a feel for the school. We encourage you to have a look at other dojos to get some perspective. Because of the nature of training, it’s important that you feel a connection with the style, the dojo, the teacher and the students. The feel you get from a school will help you know if the dojo is suited to your own personality and goals and will have a big impact on how you progress long term. You are welcome to watch any of the scheduled classes, or come in and try a beginner’s class.
If you would prefer to watch a class first, feel free to arrange a time to come in and enjoy from our cosy reception. 
If you have already booked into an Induction Class all you will need is track pants and a loose top, and arrive at least 10mins before the class is scheduled. Check the class schedule.

What will I need to become a member?

If you loved the class and would like to begin your Aikido journey with us, there are a few things you will require. 

1) A dogi (uniform) 

A plain white gi is worn during classes.

*A dogi is available for purchase at the office.

2) Syllabus

All beginners will be issued with their syllabus. 

With your workbook, it provides you a personal log of what you have and will have to cover as the classes progress. Keep track of your practice and ask questions as you journey along. 

3) A dedicated mindset

We advise new members to practice at least twice a week. Without consistently engaging the art, progress will be slow. By making practice a part of your daily routine, you will find the learning quick and fun.