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MYA Adults Grading 1st June 2013


MYA Grading Details


Please make sure you read and understand all the requirements. Family and students not grading are encouraged to attend; however, please ensure your conduct is sensitive to the formal nature of test day, no talking, mobile phones turned off, staying for the duration of the test.

Adult Members

Before Test Day:

Sensei will be inviting students to grade in the next 2 weeks.

  • If you are unsure whether you are testing please ask Sensei or check with the Senpai.
  • In order to test, a grading application form and test fees must be submitted in cash to the office by 9:00pm on the Friday before the test.

On Test Day:

  • Please ensure that you get to the dojo by 12:00pm
  • All candidates must be in uniform and on the mats by 12:15pm
  • Candidates should have a clean dogi, short nails and neat, managed, hair.
  • Test Begins at 12:30pm sharp. Please note the different time to previous tests. 
  • No late candidates will be excepted for review.
  • Test day is an important time for students and should be approached with as much sensitivity to dojo etiquette as possible.

Adult Test fees are:

8th 7th 6th Kyu


5th 4th Kyu


3rd 2nd 1st Kyu



Acc. to exchange

Fees MUST be submitted with grading application in order to be accepted.

Grading is a formal occasion and as such your conduct on the day comprises part of the test. This is evaluated from the moment you enter the dojo premises until you exit. Parents please assist your child with this.Please ensure that:

  • Your test form is filled out correctly (this is correspondence with the dojo and should reflect this)
  • All etiquette is observed
  • Your dogi is clean
  • Your nails are short and neat
  • Hair is managed in a secure manner
  • You arrive at the dojo at the correct time

Students not on the tatami by the scheduled time will not be accepted for grading review.