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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a close combat martial art that originated in Thailand. Also known as the art of eight limbs, Muay Thai is an efficient and dynamic combination of using punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Its popularity has seen it spread across the globe and has been widely adopted by MMA competitors.
Commonly misjudged as an art of pure aggression, Muay Thai in actuality has much more personality than that. In addition to being an art of martial art efficiency, Muay Thai is also an art of dedication, humility, respect, teamwork and family. Trainers and training partners are our close friends who help push us past our limitations and achieve the strongest version of ourselves.
Muay Thai is one of the most popular and sought after striking arts, and is suitable for people from all walks of life. Traditionally, fighters are trained from the tender age of five or six, but it is never too late to improve your body with Muay Thai. Wether you are young or old, Muay Thai will make you much stronger.
If you are looking for fitness, competition, or to learn an art, we welcome you to our family. With dedication and practice, anyone can be good at Muay Thai.
A typical session includes conditioning and fitness drills, technical work (where we explore techniques slowly in step-by-step fashion), pad work, sparring, and clinching (wrestling). It is a full body experience that will take your fitness and strength to new heights. Classes accommodate all levels of fitness and skill.
If you are keen to give competing a go, you are welcome to join our Martial Spirit Muay thai Squad!
Classes are taught by Kru Chris Cortez, Wilson Tan and Spring Sia. Both are exceptional technicians, teachers and active Muay Thai competitiors.
Challenge and surprise yourself today – Contact us and try Muay Thai!