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Olympic Judo

What is Judo?

For adults and children over 10yo, Judo is a grappling martial art devised by Professor Jigoro Kano, who opened his school in 1881 in Tokyo - Japan. As a well-respected martial art grown and refined from the many different aspects of jujitsu, Judo does NOT include punching or kicking which makes it among the safest of all contact sports. It places emphasis only on throws when standing and pins when going to the ground., Judo is complemented with submission holds and arm-locks. Our permanent dojo, Martial Spirit dedicates special classes for these last 2 aspects during our Grappling training sessions which also include “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu” (BJJ) moves.
As a martial art and competitive Olympic Sport, Judo is governed by the International Judo Federation (IJF), which has set strict safety guidelines for competition. To ensure safety at Martial Spirit, all judo classes are instructed under the guidance of Sensei Christophe Legaud, a 3rd Dan certified coach of Judo Victoria and Oceania Referee. All Judo classes are adapted to the age and the experience of the students to make sure anyone can improve their judo skills and knowledge and participate to the Victorian Judo Championship at the end of every calendar year.

Why do People practice Judo?

“A minimum effort for a maximum efficiency”  Judo is a fantastic way to meet people and make friends; it is an excellent way to get fit by keeping your entire body active and flexible. It also has great innate self-defense benefits.
Success in Judo has a lot to do with being able to tactically outsmart your opponent and apply the right technique at the right time - which lends itself to being an art where size and strength are not necessarily the deciding factor in the outcome of a match.
Judo gives as well the opportunity to the most dedicated and competition oriented players to participate at State, National, Oceania championships and also gives the possibility to access to the Commonwealth Games, World Championship and become one day an Olympian! (Victoria has a great judo record with many Olympians)

Who teaches the class?

Sensei Christophe Legaud stepped on the mat for the first time at the age of 5 at the judo club of Bain de Bretagne in France. He straight away enjoyed the exercises taught by his teacher Jean-Loup Realland (4th Dan) and improved very quickly to win his first medal at the age of 6 years old.
Sensei Christophe has been a successful competitor in France thanks to the coaching of Vincent Pinaud (5th Dan and 3rd time bronze medalist at the Master World Championships in 2006 and 2011 and 2013) and in Germany thanks to Mike Thiele (3rd Dan). For 6 years Sensei Christophe was part of the 7-players team fighting in the Oberliga championship.

Sensei Christophe is part of the Referee Commission of Judo Victoria Inc (JVI) and hold the Oceania Judo Union (OJU) Referee license. Sensei Christophe has been refereeing at the last 5 National Judo Championships and as well as at the Oceania Judo championship in Cairns in 2012 and internationally at the Oceania World Cup Tournament in Samoa in 2012. He currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan.

What next?

The best way to know if our dojo is right for you is to visit us and get a feel for the school. We encourage you to have a look at other dojos to get some perspective. Because of the nature of training, it’s important that you feel a connection with the style, the dojo, the teacher and the students. The feel you get from a school will help you know if the dojo is suited to your own personality and goals and will have a big impact on how you progress long term. You are welcome to watch any of the scheduled classes, or come in and try a beginner’s class.