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Chief Instructor: Peter Koussoulis 

Koussoulis Sensei (4th Dan) is a full time teacher of Aikido. He has been practising Aikido for over 20 years. Koussoulis Sensei is an internationally renowned Aikido professional. He has devoted his life to the practice and teaching of Aikido excellence. He lived in Japan for two years, studying and teaching under one of Aikido's top practitioners.



In 2005 he won the All Japan Free Style Aikido grand prize in Tokyo. Upon his return to Melbourne, he opened the Melbourne Aikido Dojo to share with others Aikido training without comprimise. The Brunswick west dojo has become a strong centre for the community. He has brought a new and progressive approach to Aikido practice and is a keen innovator of the art. Koussoulis Sensei also practices boxing, muay thai, koryu, bjj and judo.

Sensei teaches classes at the dojo along with the Melbourne Yoshinkan Aikido staff listed on the right.