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Group Classes

Group sessions is Aikido involve breath work, meditative movement, technical instruction and the practice of spontaneous harmonic action. Each session will leave you feeling lighter, less stressed, relaxed and centred. To be skilled in Aikido is to be a master of harmony. This must be achieved internally andin ones interactions with the external world.  As a result, Aikido practice is both meditative and interactive, still and dynamic – this unique blend of qualities makes the practice very unique.

By training in the group sessions, you will benefit by practicing with higher levels. Japanese Martial arts have a system of mentorship imbedded in the practice which assists beginners in gaining a foothold on their practice. Group sessions also ensure you interact with different sized people, different personalities and energies. This diversity creates maturity in one’s movements and greatly enhances the Martial arts experience. Like life, the group classes are a colourful tapestry of the people who make up the sessions. There is no more fertile ground than such an environment to study the way of harmony.

Private Training

Private sessions are a wonderful way to focus one’s practice. Our teachers tailor the sessions to the level and the needs of the student. As you are working directly with a teacher for the entire session, you benefit from decades of experience. Generally, this enables students to accelerate their learning and understanding. Private sessions are used by many different people to practice Aikido.

Beginners find them useful to gain a solid understanding of the roots and basics of the practice. Often, students preparing for a test or attempting to reach a goal will use these sessions to intensify their studies and gain the extra assistance to break through to the next level. Other times, work and family commitments make attending the group sessions challenging. In such cases, having the flexibility to schedule private sessions can be a very useful way to keep your journey moving.

Intensive Courses

Shugyo 修行 | Refers to a deep effort and total involvement of one’s life energies in a practice or a task.

Melbourne Aikido provides intensive courses for those who are interested in taking their practice to the next level. These courses are designed to accelerate your practice to a much deeper level in a short amount of time. They are preparation for becoming a professional Aikido instructor. These courses are open to all levels of experience.

Intensive programs are generally 3 to 12 months in length. Enrolment is by successful application. If you would like to know more, contact Melbourne Aikido directly.

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