Hi everyone!

Welcome back to our “Aikido Basics” series.

If you missed the first episode on the “Backfall / Koho Ukemi” here it is – https://youtu.be/YAgWFIllIUs

Today’s video will be on the basic forward roll or zenpo kaiten ukemi.


1) Double Leg Bridges

2) Single Leg Bridge – this is the position that you will find yourself in when landing from a forward roll.

3) Practicing the landing

4) Arm positioning and support

5) Basic tumble – this is the start to building up your forward roll.

6) Two handed forward roll – only progress to this once you are comfortable with doing a tumble.

7) Pushing off the front foot – focus on pushing off the ball of your front foot.

8) Kicking the back leg up – develop strength and form in your back leg for your forward roll

FULL FORWARD ROLL time stamp – 07:25

Final notes and points:

Learning the forward roll takes time and practice. Individual preparatory exercises as shown above can be practiced to develop strength, control and confidence to perform a forward roll. We always start students off with learning and getting comfortable with the tumble. Do not rush the process and push yourself if you feel uncomfortable with any roll. There are several more progressions between a tumble to a 2 handed roll and then to a forward roll which we cover in classes. Even for those with good ukemi, these preparatory exercises are useful for all levels. There is always something to improve and understand more deeply in your form.


Aikido Basics: Video Series