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Peter Koussoulis

What is a Spiritual Warrior?

Aikido is the path of the spiritual warrior, not the physical warrior.  A physical warrior concentrates effort on beating an opponent or enemy.  Physical movements are learned and mastered to defeat the others body. A spiritual warrior instead focusses on destroying the enemy where it actually exists – in ones mind. The root of all...

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An Aikido Crisis

“Sensei, I was recently thinking…with the corona disaster and all, it seems that Aikido, like so many things, is at breaking point.” How so? “Dojo’s are shut, people can’t practice together…..” I see…. Is Aikido in a crises or its practitioners? “Good point…isn’t it the same thing?” By its very nature, Aikido can never be...

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Fundamentals. “You must pay attention to fundamentals.” “Study the basics.” “A building is only as strong as its foundations.” I remember these kind words that guided my practice. Almost all of my teachers encouraged the study of basics; assuring me that they would prove central to my journey. They were of course correct. The longer...

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