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Peter Koussoulis

Peter Koussoulis

Sensei Peter Koussoulis is the founder and headmaster of Shinzenryu Aikido. He is an internationally renown Aikido professional. A former scientist and philosopher, he has been practicing and teaching Aikido full-time for over twenty years.  After living and teaching Aikido in Japan, he founded the Melbourne Aikido dojo. Over the years he has studied various Martial arts and  spiritual practices. After many years of intense study and experimentation, Sensei founded Shinzenryu Aikido – a novel teaching methodology that facilitates the spiritual practice of Aikido.

Koussoulis Sensei’s approach is unique in the Aikido world. Sensei’s teachings blend his skills in various martial arts, knowledge of eastern religion and his personal spiritual insights. This approach enables him to deliver a powerful Aikido experience. Koussoulis Sensei is sought out by various groups and organisations to assist with an understanding of Aikido and eastern thought. He is deeply passionate about sharing his Aikido with all those interested in finding more harmony in their lives. 

Shinzenryu Aikido Headquarters

30 Hope St, Brunswick

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