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Spring Sia

Spring Sia

How long have you been training?
17 years

Why did you start practising?
My parents enrolled me into Aikido training when I was a child for me to learn self defence and also a skill for life. During my teens, I took more personal initiative into pursuing my training and made it a focus in my life.

What has the practice given you and why do you keep practising?
The practice has proved to be a challenge and a blessing. I’ve rediscovered myself within and continue to do so daily. On an external level, the practice has kept my mind, spirit and body healthy and energetic. I continue to practice as this is just a part of me now and I find something further to explore within it every day.

Why do you teach?
I began teaching as a prerequisite for my shodan grading but soon found that teaching is another method of learning. By breaking down techniques or elements of the practice to be easily understood and received by students, I understand the material deeper myself.

What other hobbies/interests do you have?
My pets! I’ve always spent a lot of my time away from training either enjoying activities with my pets, being in nature (preferably with the pets!) or study (whether it’s reading, watching videos or being hands-on in learning a skill).

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