Practice Session 1 is a follow along class that covers some of the basic movement patterns, exercises and striking that is the basis of the art of Aikido. It is designed to be done at home or anywhere else you would like to conduct your own practice.

This video is approximately 15 minute long. I will move through the session together with you at home. If you are new to Aikido, you may like to take some time to familiarise yourself with each movement. If you have already developed some Aikido, feel free to press play and flow through it with me.

Before your start the video, please begin with a short warm up, being sure to gently loosen up your joints and get some flow in your body. Do not force the turning movements, particularly if you are not training on tatami and your floor is tacky. If this is the case, please wear some cotton socks to help you pivot and slide. Allow your hips, knees, ankles and the balls of your feet to move freely without tension. Harmony begins inside you 🙂

Please place your laptop, pc or even smart phone in your home dojo or a quiet area you can practice in. I recommend setting up a small dojo at home and formalising your practice. Morihei Ueshiba generously left us an enormous gift – the spiritual path of Aikido. Make your home dojo and sessions special 🙂 You will be rewarded endlessly. You can repeat this session as often as you like. These movements will grow and deepen as your Aikido journey unfolds. They appear as simple movements at first, but in time they will reveal themselves as teachers of their own.

I made this video for you during the corona challenge of 2020 so you can find balance and harmony in your life and share it with those around you.

Sincerely Peter Koussoulis

Shinzenryu Aikido

Practice Video Sessions